Pain and Addiction Treatment

for patients managing chronic pain and addiction

Continuum’s pain and addiction program is specifically tailored to the unique needs of people who have developed a dependency on prescription opioid medications such as Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin to treat chronic pain associated with back problems, arthritis, failed surgery, headaches or fibromyalgia.

Program Features
  • Comprehensive medical, psychological and substance use assessment prior to admittance.
  • Individualized treatment planning, including supervised dose tapering.
  • Addresses mental health issues like depression, anxiety or PTSD that interfere with coping with pain.
  • Treatment is behavioral based, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the use of pain medications when appropriate.
  • Addresses the balance between pain control, improvement in functioning and management of pain symptoms.
  • On-going communication with referring physician

Individual and group therapy on topics and skills essential to controlling pain and maintaining recovery:

  • Managing pain and withdrawal symptoms
  • Stress management
  • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of pain
  • Dealing with emotions in a positive way
  • Physical health and nutrition
  • Holistic treatment methods, such as meditation
  • Weekly counseling sessions


The pain and addiction program is offered at Continuum at Meadows Edge in North Kingstown.

Making a Referral

If you have a patient who is struggling with chronic pain and has developed an addiction to opioid pain medications, or if the level of medication which they are prescribed requires pain management, call Continuum at Meadows Edge at 401-294-6170 to initiate the referral process. An admissions specialist will schedule the patient for a comprehensive assessment which will determine the patient’s level of need.