Aaron Morris

Continuum Lead Clinical Therapist

Aaron Morris

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Clinical Staff

Aaron Morris is the Clinical Therapist Lead for Continuum Behavioral Health’s Outpatient and IOP programs.

Aaron’s background is fairly diverse. He has an undergraduate degree in theatre and still enjoys acting on stage from time to time. Aaron has worked in computer technology, commercial construction, and cabinet making prior to going back to graduate school for his Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

In regards to his approach to care, Aaron believes that every person is different and therefore requires a unique approach to best serve their individual needs. Aaron always tries to provide his clients with a space which they can feel safe, listened to, not judged, and can explore their lives in order to gain insight into themselves and their relationships.

Being able to witness the change that clients make is just one aspect of the job that Aaron enjoys the most. He states that he “feels most fulfilled when my clients gain true insight into themselves and are able to make real change in their lives”.

Outside of work Aaron enjoys spending time with his children, reading, and playing his guitar.