Amanda Vigneau

Medical Office Assistant

Amanda Vigneau

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Amanda Vigneau is the Medical Office Assistant at Continuum’s Providence location.

Amanda’s work history is in retail and the food service industry. She wanted to get involved in behavioral health because she has family members who have been working in this field for years. She is also interested in this field because not only does she enjoy working with people but she enjoys helping people as well.

Amanda describes herself as a patient person and a good listener, qualities that are both┬ábeneficial and necessary when working with patients. Amanda states that she “treats all client and employees with respect and understanding”.

Amanda truly loves her job here at Continuum Behavioral Health. She loves to work with people and stay busy. She admits that it can be very challenging at times but always rewarding in the end.

Outside of work Amanda has a passion for fashion, loves nature and spending time with her family and friends.