Jessica Markowitz

Health Path Clinical Therapist

Jessica Markowitz

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Jessica has always been intrigued by how our minds work and how our stories get created. She chose to study psychology in college, became hooked, and decided to pursue a Masters of Social Work. Seeing individuals in this light helped guide her into behavioral health, where she sees her role as helping people understand their stories and feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

Jessica’s training is psychodynamic, and she tries to understand one’s early influences and how that has shaped how they see the world and operate in their relationships. She understands that insight alone does not provide the support everyone seeks, so she also help individuals apply their understanding of themselves into improved self-care, skill-building, and real-life change. Work can only be done when one feels truly seen and heard. Jessica’s approach is collaborative; she works together with clients to establish and reach the goals that matter most to them.

Working in perinatal mental health provides her with the opportunity to address attachment and help individuals tackle sources of pain at a significant stage in their lives. She feels that pregnancy is a unique motivator for individuals to work on themselves and enjoys being a part of the process and seeing the way the transition to parenting can shape individuals. Seeing the babies at the end of the day doesn’t hurt either!

Outside of work, you can often find Jessica somewhere in the fresh air. She enjoys running, beach outings, and iced coffee on patios. She gets energized through spending time with friends and family, and through her cherished alone time.