Marybeth Greifendorf, LMHC

Health Path Clinical Therapist

Marybeth Greifendorf, LMHC

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Clinical Staff

Marybeth began her career as an Associate Pastor at a non-denominational church where she was doing individual and marriage counseling. After attending a seminar on trauma recovery, she decided she wanted do more to help those who have struggled with the debilitating effects of abuse and trauma.

Her approach to care is person-centered and strength-based. She strives to tailor interventions and therapy to the specific needs of each client, including  Christian counseling if desired. She also works with those who are currently attending AA and going through the 12 Steps.

Marybeth most enjoys helping people find freedom from fear in all of its forms and from the prisons of lie-based thinking.

Outside of work, she likes to attend Bible study and spend time with her small Christian fellowship.  She also enjoys playing the guitar and piano, singing, and having fun with her cat, Bella.