William Green, MA, LCDP

Meadows Edge Clinician

William Green, MA, LCDP

Based in:

North Kingstown


Clinical Staff

William has been at Continuum at Meadows Edge for 5 years, but has been a counselor in some capacity for over 40 years. He has worked in most aspects of care except residential, and was involved in developing the certification and licensing procedures for the state of Rhode Island. He also owned and operated a methadone clinic.

“The problems I observed in 1969 are the same problems I see today, but we have much more research and better approaches to care.” Bill likes seeing patients go from a low point to a higher quality of life, and thinks it’s the main job of the councilor to create the atmosphere for the change to take place.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Providence College and a master’s degree from Rhode Island College.

William is an avid runner and fisherman who likes to travel, read and watch educational programming. He would skydive more if he could.