HealthPath Member Benefits

Recovery is a journey. We’re here to help you navigate the road to health.


High-quality, affordable care

Health Path services are covered by your benefit plan and are only available to adult members of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island who choose to enroll in the program.

For information on becoming a HealthPath member, call us at 401-415-8868
  • Health Path members pay one monthly co-payment or coinsurance according to their benefit plan. (Some plans may not have a copayment.)
  • If your plan has a deductible, the monthly co-payment will apply after you have met your deductible.
  • We will work with you to estimate the total cost of your deductible, co-payment or coinsurance before enrolling in Health Path.
  • After your initial intake with a clinician, you will be set up with a team, which includes a prescriber.