About HealthPath

Recovery is a journey. We’re here to help you navigate the road to health.


Team Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction

Health Path pairs you up with a team of psychiatrists,  therapists and case managers dedicated to guiding you on your journey to recovery and health. The team will get to know you and understand your personal goals for wellness. Our goal is to empower you and to equip you with the tools to help you live well and recover.

As a Health Path member, your personal team will help you manage your appointments, medications and follow-ups, allowing you to be able to focus on getting better. HealthPath services are currently available for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island members.

Personalized services:

  • Regain stability and control over your life and your health
  • Engage in activities that support your health and recovery
  • Discover better well-being
  • Achieve your goals
And, most importantly, you’ll feel better!